Shibani Dandekar on Rhea Chakraborty: ‘Now and again the girlfriend doesn’t get in conjunction with the circle of relatives. Does that equal homicide?’ – bollywood


Actor-singer Shibani Dandekar is voicing her beef up for her friend Rhea Chakraborty. After sharing a social media post in her defence, Shibani has now giving an interview to India Today approximately how unfairly Rhea is being treated, and how the public’s vilification of her could also count as abetment to suicide.

Shibani said that late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s circle of relatives disliked Rhea, who used to be his girlfriend. She added that this isn’t the first time this has happened to someone in a relationship. “It’s not at all times the case that when you’re dating someone that the circle of relatives likes you. Is this the first time this has happened? Are we so shocked by this that you realize, someone is dating someone and their circle of relatives doesn’t like them?” she said.


Shibani said that Rhea had told her approximately how she used to be allegedly molested by one of Sushant’s sisters. “She said that it happened, that it happened and she used to be totally outraged by it. And obviously she is going to tell Sushant how she feels approximately it and that would have caused a rift. How can it be okay after that? So, this isn’t something that is shocking news. Now and again these things happen, once in a while the girlfriend doesn’t get in conjunction with the circle of relatives. What does that intent? Does that equal homicide? Does that equal abetment to suicide? Does that equal her being a witch? Does it equal her being a villain? Does it allow for her to be vilified? Is this just lockdown entertainment for everybody? Let the investigating officers do their job and leave her and her circle of relatives alone. It isn’t anybody’s trade. Whether you actually want justice for Sushant then leave it alone,” she said.

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Shibani also talked approximately the allegations of being a gold digger that were levelled against Rhea. “Of class lesson, why wouldn’t people say that? Where is this money that she’s stolen? Please tell me. Where are these Rs 15 crores that she has stolen? Have we found it yet? I intent, you realize, it’s just so easy to paint that picture, isn’t it? It’s so easy to date a high-profile person and then have people say that you’re only dating them because of this,” she said.

In her Instagram post earlier this week, Shibani had said that she and Rhea have been friends for years. “Vibrant, strong, vivacious..this sort of bright spark.. so full of life! I’ve witnessed this sort of stark contrast to this side of her personality over the previous few months as her and her circle of relatives…(one of the crucial kindest warmest best people you are going to ever meet) have experienced the most impossible trauma! We have watched the media behave like total vultures on a witch-hunt vilifying and torturing an blameless circle of relatives to breaking point!,” she had written in her post.

Other celebrities such as Vidya Balan and Taapsee Pannu have also spoken up in defence of Rhea recently.

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