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At all times up for including different Yoga asanas into her rigorous morning exercise routine, Shilpa Shetty Kundra used to be seen giving a variation to one-legged pigeon pose or Eka pada Kapotasana this week. Showing fans and fitness enthusiasts how give their day a shot of energy with seated back-bending asana, Shilpa shared a video that took netizens through the step by step of the workout.

Taking to her Instagram deal with, Shilpa shared a video that gave the Internet a glimpse of her robust Yoga session. Standing on a mat spread out in her garden, the diva used to be seen donning a pink halter top over a black spaghetti top and teamed it with a twosome of blue Yoga pants.

Pulling back her hair in a high ponytail in order that her tresses do not mess with the exercise session, Shilpa shared in the caption, “Beginning a new day and a new week on an energetic note would possibly not at all times be the very best object to do. But, what we will be able to do is stretch and flex our muscles polite enough to prepare ourselves for the day ahead (sic).”

She added, “Today, doing the Eka pada Kapotasana… this variation not only stretches the thighs, hamstrings, groin, abdomen, chest, shoulders, & neck; but also helps open up the hips & adds more flexibility to the hip region. It also helps the brain and body relieve stress and anxiety… allowing you to think & operate in a better manner (sic).”



This asana isn’t beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia or migraine. Be sure you perform it under expert advice and consult a doctor before practicing this asana if you have chronic back problems or injuries.

It is very important to retain your bowels and belly absolutely empty before performing this asana by having meals no less than four to six hours before the exercise. This will not only give the body enough time to digest the food but also expend the energy produced.

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