Son Arrested For Throwing Father Into River In Lakhimpur


Amid Durga Puja celebrations, police on October 8th, 2019 detained four of the same circle of relatives for throwing elderly man into the river in Lakhimpur.

As per reports, the elderly man used to be thrown into the river by his son and daughter-in-law with his hands and feet tied. The incident which took place in Barangabari of Badhakara Majgaon, Lakhimpur has sparked sensation. The dead man has been identified as Pawan Saikia.

“A circle of relatives dispute used to be going on in the circle of relatives since a very long time,” locals said. They have got accused son Dilip Saikia (Bhim), daughter-in-law Pinky Saikia Dhandiya, grand daughter Munkon Saikia and wife Dharmeswari Saikia of the homicide.

Representative image credit:

The Bodoland/ Assam / India / International


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