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South Korea urged citizens to receive vaccinated against influenza and minimize the chances of an outbreak that coincides with the battle on the coronavirus, as it kicked off free inoculations for the final eligible group.

Public anxiety over the safety of flu vaccines has surged after no less than 48 people died this month following vaccinations, while, final month, approximately 5 million doses needed to be disposed of after not being stored at beneficial temperatures.

Authorities have said they found no direct link between the deaths and the flu shots and have sought to reassure South Koreans approximately the safety of the vaccines against flu, a disease that kills no less than 3,000 every year.

“Vaccination offers far greater benefits in comparison to side effects, and both the WHO and domestic and out of the country experts agree,” Health Minister Park Neung-hoo told a briefing on Sunday, in a reference to the World Health Association.

Final year, more than 1,500 elderly people died inside seven days of receiving flu vaccines, but those deaths were not linked to the vaccinations, the government said.

As South Korea presses on with its inoculations, southeast Asia’s tiny city state of Singapore became one of the most first nations this week to call a transitory halt to using two influenza vaccines, as a precaution.

Singapore has reported no deaths linked to flu vaccinations.

South Korea ordered 20% more flu vaccines this year to ward off the prospect of what it calls a “twindemic” of concurrent major flu and coronavirus outbreaks in winter.

No less than 1,154 instances of adverse reactions have been reported from among more than 9.4 million people inoculated since the effort began in September.

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