Star Wars: Visions Out September 22 on Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar. Here’s a Trailer


Star Wars: Visions will release September 22 on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar, Disney-owned Lucasfilm announced at Anime Expo Lite on Sunday, together with a three-minute sneak peek. There will be a complete of nine short films in the anthology lively series Star Wars: Visions, which will feature a fallen Jedi, a princess, Japanese iconography, a “Star Wars rock opera”, a droid who wishes to be a Jedi, and Luke and Leia-type twins born to the dark side of the Force among others. Provided Star Wars was once inspired in part by Japanese samurai movies, it is just becoming that Star Wars: Visions is after all embracing a Japanese form too.

Here’s the full list of the nine Star Wars: Visions short films and the studios at the back of them:

Kamikaze Douga, “The Duel” Kinema Citrus, “The Village Bride” Geno Studio (Twin Engine), “Lop and Ochō” Production IG, “The Ninth Jedi” Science Saru, “Akakiri” Science Saru, “T0-B1” Studio Colorido (Twin Engine), “Tatooine Rhapsody” Trigger, “The Twins” Trigger, “The Elder”

The in large part black-and-white “The Duel” will star Samurai-esque Jedi and Sith, along with an astromech droid with a straw hat. Star Wars: Visions executive producer James Waugh said: “The object [director Takanobu Mizuno] was once actually lucid on was once that he just wanted this to be a love letter to Star Wars. The core theme of this short ends up being this kind of Star Wars story.”

“The Village Bride” is approximately a fallen Jedi, but “not in a way you’d expect.” It’s told through the eyes of a bride on her wedding day eve, as she should make an unforeseen choice to save her people. Star Wars: Visions producer Kanako Shirasaki said: “It’s poetic, meditative, and romantically bittersweet. [‘The Village Bride’] also approaches the Force in a actually unique and surprising way, too.”

Space bunny-person Lop leads “Lop and Ochō”, who is described as cute, expressive, and “totally unwavering in her devotion to good and circle of relatives and loyalty” by Star Wars: Visions executive producer Jacqui Lopez. “Lop and Ochō”’s design style centres on the contrast between “natural beauty and encroaching industrialisation.”

“The Ninth Jedi” is the fusion of two shorts up to now imagined: one where the daughter of a lightsabersmith seeks out the Jedi who have fallen into legend, and another where eight warriors discover that they might be Force touchy. Production IG are also at the back of Ghost in the Shell and Kill Invoice’s anime scene. “The Ninth Jedi”’s score was once recorded at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Corridor in Kawasaki.

“Akakiri” is the “beautiful yet painful story” of a princess, with Astro Boy sound designer Matsuo Ohno lending his famed talents. Science Saru’s other short, “T0-B1” follows the aforementioned Jedi-dreaming droid that’s described as “more heartwarming fare” than “Akakiri”.

With “Tatooine Rhapsody”, Star Wars embraces Chibi art style as it chronicles a band’s journey. Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt will feature. Star Wars: Visions executive producer Josh Rimes said: “It is a Star Wars rock opera. We took a chance and they just blew us absent with the style and the characters and the tone, and actually the heart of what’s best in Star Wars approximately found circle of relatives and the dream.”

Say hello to new dark side-twins in “The Twins” that aims to subvert the idea of Luke and Leia, and showcases “how far the brother will go to save his sister,” Star Wars: Visions co-executive producer Justin Leach said. The twins have their own special co-joined Star Destroyer.

And that leaves “The Elder”, which pays homage to a “classic Star Wars master and Padawan relationship,” Shirasaki added. “You’ll be able to also find the dual meaning of the title after you watch the short.”

“We actually wanted to give these creators a wide creative berth to explore the entire imaginative potential of the Star Wars galaxy through the unique lens of anime,” Waugh said at Anime Expo Lite. “We realised we wanted these to be as authentic as imaginable to the studios and creators who are making them, made through their unique process, in a medium they are such experts at. So, the idea was once, this is their vision riffing off the entire elements of the Star Wars galaxy that inspired them — with a bit of luck to make a actually fantastic anthology series, unlike anything we’ve seen before in the Star Wars galaxy.”

Star Wars: Visions premieres Wednesday, September 22 on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. It was once first revealed at Disney’s big investor presentation final December.

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