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Sumeet Vyas is all set to turn into a father and is self-assured wife Ekta Kaul is polite prepared to give birth amid lockdown because of coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, it’s the household work that bothered the Veere Di Wedding actor more before he eventually managed to receive a house help.

On the work front, the actor just saw the release of his new web show Official Bhootiyagiri, his first in the horror comedy genre. While he manages to live on the horror on screen, the actor revealed he isn’t the one with guts on the subject of challenging superficial powers. In a candid interview with Hindustan Times, Sumeet opened up approximately working on the show and fighting the ghost of domestic chores.

Watch: Sumeet Vyas on Official Bhootiyagiri, prepping to fitting a father

How are you prepping for the arrival of your first child?

The only silver lining is I got to spend all this time at home which normally I’m really not in a position to as I am generally working and travelling more often than not. So this was once the time we got to spend together.

The fundamental services and products and medical stores are open so we are able with essentials which we might need when the baby arrives. Some people are delivering baby products. Ekta has been very hands on with all that, she is very polite prepared.

So you did a major share of domestic chores all the way through lockdown?

Luckily, we have after all got a house help who stays with us. But for initial few weeks we couldn’t get help. It was once a very traumatic experience. I have never done domestic work before, I used to stay alone and a maid used to do all of the cooking and cleaning. I’m really not a soiled person so I don’t spill anything around. But this time we had to do everything ourselves from jhadu-poncha to bartan. Cleaning the dishes is a very traumatic object. I am very careful now and don’t use that many utensils. I won’t use a spoon unless it’s absolutely fundamental.


Have you acquired any new skills all the way through your time at home?

I have learnt a little bit of cooking. I never tried baking or cooking before. Eggs were the only object I could manage in the kitchen. This time around I experimented with eggs and made pancakes someday. I will be able to make different kinds of salads. My kind of cooking is mostly continental; I haven’t taken the Indian recipe route like curries.

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You recently ventured into horror genre with new web show Official Bhootiyagiri.

I used to be very apprehensive at first because horror comedy is a very tricky genre. We have taken a deeper route to find the ghosts inside us. The message was once the biggest ghosts we want to fight are our preconceived notions approximately others and the conflicts that we’ve got with our family and friends. Once we fight these ghosts, we can fight any ghosts. It’s a little hard to sustain a horror comedy for five or more episodes.

Sumeet Vyas in a still from Official Bhootiyagiri.

Do you consider in ghosts?

I have never witnessed a life changing incident but I have seen people suffering from fits. I didn’t realize whether it was once a ghost or it was once fits. But everyone around said there was once a ghosts so I went with the theory. I am somewhere in the middle. I don’t need to say there are no ghosts, I don’t need to wake up in my bedroom see that my legs tied, I don’t need to upset ghosts. I’m really not chasing them.

Have you experienced a spooky incident on set?

Few days we shot in the night and my van was once parked at a distance. That night I didn’t go to my van. We were shooting at an deserted place and I didn’t need to take any chances. Everyone on set thought ‘Oh, what a cooperating actor, he doesn’t even need to go to his van, he wants to take a seat with us and be on set’. I thought it was once better to have people around.

Is Tripling season 3 confirmed?

Tripling season 3 will happen next year for certain. The writing team needs to receive together to make it imaginable.

Are you working on a new movie?

We had to begin shooting in April in London. I don’t realize whether we will go back and forth to London and can a movie be shot anytime soon. These are logistical questions the producers are struggling with at the moment.

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