Teachers’ groups in Maharashtra oppose 50% attendance mandate – education


A day after the Maharashtra education branch released Standard Operating Procedures for teachers and mandated 50% attendance for them, several teachers’ groups have objected the decision.

On Friday, several teachers’ groups wrote to the education branch urging officials to withdraw the attendance rule. “Schools are shut, and teachers are imparting online education to students every day. The branch has also deliberate to gradually reopen schools for students. So, what’s the wish to call teachers to school at this point,” asked Anil Bornare from BJP teachers’ cell.

Several principals from BMC schools said civic body officials had asked them to click photographs of attendance every day as proof of teachers’ attendance. In a similar way, teachers have been asked to go in quite a lot of localities and teach students as per their needs.

“Teachers shuttle from all parts of the city and come to school and now with restrictions on shuttle they’re going to have to shell out enormous sums from their pockets to come thrice a week. But even so that, schools wouldn’t have the essential infrastructure for online learning. Conducting online classes with such a lot of issues is a huge hurdle,” said a principal requesting anonymity.

Rajesh Pandya of the Teachers Democratic Front said, “Teachers are already burdened with online teaching and to make things worse, they’re being asked to outline to school. It is in point of fact an unfair step.”

As per SOPs released on Thursday, teachers from a wide variety of schools in the state will also be called to school for work related to online learning or other academic word. Schools have been asked to make sure that they sanitise their premises, get temperature checks done and teachers have been asked to follow safety guidelines like wearing masks and follow physical distancing. In a similar way, schools wish to follow the policy of “staying home whether unwell” for teachers who aren’t feeling mannered, particularly those who have co-morbidities or are above the age of 50 years.

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