The Latest Flagship-Like Camera Features on Galaxy A71, Galaxy A51 Make It an Awesome All-Rounder


From being a fancy feature to an absolute necessity, smartphone cameras have come a long way. It’s probably one of the most biggest, most important features in any contemporary smartphone. Additionally it is the most widely used feature, provided how much of our lives are turning digital in the new normal.

Keeping this in brain, Samsung has now added a bunch of great and highly useful new camera features to its Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones. These powerful features were earlier to be had only with Samsung’s flagship smartphone; the Galaxy S20 series. The update brings Galaxy S20 series’ innovative features more accessible to those the usage of the brand’s Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones.

The all-important update also makes Samsung’s Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 the very best all-rounder smartphones that offer an amazing value for your hard-earned money. From capturing beautiful photos and videos to offering the most efficient performance in its segment, these Galaxy A-series phones are the ideal for India’s youth all the way through the new normal.

So how can the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 permit you to take better photos and videos? Below, we’re going to list one of the most major new features that are now to be had on these innovative phones, that permit you to take your smartphone photography to the next level.

Unmarried Take – A Whole New Way to Capture Photos and Videos

Your smartphone cameras can capture photos and videos in quite a lot of modes. But there are occasions when you want to get puzzled approximately which mode to choose, and eventually end up losing that precious moment you wanted to capture. With Unmarried Take, the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 permit you to focus more on capturing the moment than wasting time selecting the best mode.

Unmarried Take mode makes it easier to capture your precious moments


With a tap, the new Unmarried Take mode can capture a maximum of 10 different takes of a unmarried moment. These consist of several moments and actions. All you need to do is tap on the shutter button, and move around for up to 10 seconds. Once done, you are able to view a complete of 7 photos and 3 videos in your phone’s gallery. Unmarried Take helps you capture great photos and videos without any complications.

Take the example of a birthday party of a loved one. When you are trying to capture the special occasion, Unmarried Take can make your life easier by shooting those precious moments in quite a lot of formats. All you need to do is make a choice Unmarried Take mode, and capture the moment with your phone for a couple of seconds. Unmarried Take will be sure to don’t overlook anything from a loved one blowing off the candles to cutting a slice of that scrumptious cake.

Unmarried Take brings a revolutionary concept in a highly easy-to-use format correct on your Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones. The feature was once earlier to be had only on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series flagship phones.

Night Hyperlapse – Get Flagship-Level Hyperlapse Videos in the Dark

Shooting a great video at nighttime is not easy for lots of popular smartphones available in the market. Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are powerful enough to shoot great videos, even in low-light conditions. With Night Hyperlapse mode, you’ll easily capture stunning hyper-lapse videos at nighttime.

A shot captured the usage of Night Hyperlapse mode


When you are enjoying the night sky, Night Hyperlapse means that you can create a magical video that’s assured to receive more attention from your entire family and friends once you share it with them.

You’ll now shoot long-exposure videos with striking light details on your Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 the usage of the Night Hyperlapse mode. The use of this mode, your long-exposure shots are converted into beautiful videos that appear to be a piece of art when you share it on your social media profiles. You will have to see it to consider it.

Custom Filter – Create Your Own Customized Filters

Filters make your photos look good. But what whether you want to take things to an absolutely new level? You’ll now create your own filters on your Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 smartphone the usage of existing photos that you could have shot.

Custom filters permit you to add that personal touch to your photos


These custom filters can use the existing colour profile and vibes in an existing photograph, and turn it into a custom filter. These filters are stored in the camera app as a way to use them the next time you capture a shot. You’ll create as many custom filters as you need, to add that special touch each unmarried time you capture a photo on your phone.

For instance, say you’re creating an album consisting of a small gathering. Applying custom filters to these photos can add that special touch, and add a whole new vibe that’s consistent across the entire photos. Thus letting you develop into a pro at smartphone photography with Custom Filters.

Smart Selfie Angle – Wide-angle Selfies That Looks Just Perfect

Selfies are fun, selfies are too special, and that is the reason the explanation why they want to turn out perfect. Most smartphones can capture normal selfies moderately polite, but relating to capturing great selfies where more than a unmarried person is involved, it becomes an issue. The Smart Selfie Angle feature makes your selfies stand out when you share them on your social media profiles.

Capturing group selfies will never be the same again, thanks to the powerful and innovative Smart Selfie Angle mode on your Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphone.

Each time you use the front camera to capture a selfie with your friends, the camera can automatically switch to a wide-angle mode. This helps you accommodate more people in your selfies.

Quick Videos – Never overlook those important moments

The new Quick Video mode means that you can capture videos easily by long-pressing the capture button to record a video. This feature comes extremely handy when you need to quickly capture a moment, and wouldn’t have time to mess around with different camera modes. It’s simple, considerate, and highly useful for several occasions.

Quick Videos feature is extremely useful if you end up supposed to capture a moment as special as a baby’s first steps or simply a hilarious prank being shared in real-time. Long-pressing on the shutter button in the camera app on your Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 will allow you to capture a video without manually switching to the video mode.

Switch Camera While Recording – Perfect for Vlogging

Now that we’ve got great cameras both on the front in addition to on the back, we love to capture photos and videos the usage of both. But what if you wish to capture a unmarried video the usage of both the camera combinations? Polite, now it’s being made imaginable thanks to the newest update on the Galaxy A51.

The feature is great for video bloggers and other users who need to create pro-level videos helps bring their own perspective, the usage of the front camera, while recording objects the usage of the rear camera.

When you are recording a video clip, say for a vlog, you’ll simply switch cameras (front and rear) without stopping the recording. The way you find yourself with a great clip that shows you in addition to your environment, in a video without any drops. With a unmarried tap, you’ll switch cameras if you are recording a video on the Galaxy A51.

AI Gallery Zoom – The Smart Doctor for Your Old Photos

Anyone who has ever received a photograph on a messaging platform from a friend or a relative knows what blurry or pixelated photos appear to be. The new AI Gallery Zoom can now ensure these photos look sharp in your Gallery.

The AI-powered feature makes your blurry photos more clearer in your Gallery, making them shareable and usable across your entire social media profiles or for other purposes. This feature could also be highly useful whether you have got a chunk of photos from an older smartphone you’ve been the usage of, and you’d like to support them.

AI Gallery Zoom can make your older photos look good. The feature is perfect for those upgrading from an older phone, and have a large number of blurry photos because of the older cameras on that phone. With AI Gallery Zoom, you’ll also view existing photos you’ve received over messaging platforms and convert them into better-looking versions since most platforms generally tend to downgrade image quality while sharing.

Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 Are the Perfect All-Rounder Smartphones

With such a lot of flagship-level features, the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 offer a powerful set of tools to users who spend a large number of time capturing and sharing photos on their smartphones, play games, or simply need to get some work done. But even so software features, these smartphones also feature up to 64-megapixel camera sensors that can help take your smartphone photography experience to the next level. You’ll capture a wider world with the Ultra Wide Night Mode camera’s wider field of vision. The Quad Cam’s built-in 5MP Macro Cam shoots with clarity and quality helping you bring out the ultra-fine details of your close-up shots. The most recent AR doodle feature on Galaxy A71 uses augmented reality to allow you to draw lines and write in 3D.

But even so camera upgrades, Samsung Galaxy A71 and the Galaxy A51 are packed with segment leading features such as Infinity-O sAMOLED Plus* display, Quad-Camera module and long lasting batteries. Top it up with the innovative privacy features of Quick Switch and Satisfied Suggestions, makes the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 the very best all-rounders and thus lead the pack in mid-range smartphones!

If you wish to make a smart choice at great value, then Galaxy A71 & Galaxy A51 smartphones are no brainer. These smartphones are to be had across retail stores, & leading E-commerce channels. Both devices have recently received a price drop and & are to be had with affordable EMI options too.

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