Things you’ll do this Diwali instead of bursting crackers


The much awaited festival of light is here. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dipavali’, because of this a row of lights, Diwali has been celebrated since time immemorial. Diwali celebration marks the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

Today, most of us are caught in stressful activities and long days at work. In spite of engaged days at office or spending time getting over the stress with friends and colleagues, the most valuable time is the time we get to spend with our families.

Festive occasions, specifically, are good times to dedicate to your loved ones in order that all the circle of relatives can cherish the spirit of the season. Diwali is among those very few occasions where family members can in reality leave their work commitments at the back of and come together to immerse themselves in merrymaking.

Despite the fact that this is a tradition to burst crackers in Diwali, this year the Supreme Court has banned the sale and use of fire crackers.

For all those who believe the judgement to be an obstacle in their Diwali celebrations, realize that your plans for the festival haven’t been stalled totally. In the end, festivals are a means of rejoicing with your loved ones, and that may be achieved without firecrackers.

Below is a list of a few of our favourite activities that all the circle of relatives can take part in together to make the festival of lights even more joyous.

Lighting up the house together:

The preparation for this grand festival starts much ahead with people cleaning their houses and offices. They decorate their places with flowers, diyas, lamps and rangolis.

Decorating and lighting up of the house is among the most common activities that brings families together to celebrate the occasion of Diwali. Not only is it an excuse to clean and beautify your home while having fun, it is usually an possibility that lets you spend quality time with your loves ones and work on something rewarding with them.

You’ll add some color by making rangoli sample and setting up candles, lamps and diyas in and around your house. This activity is certain to impress people when they visit your home and see the results of your tough work.

Cook your favourite dish together:

Like the entire other festivals in India, food too plays an fundamental role in Diwali. From scrumptious sweets or delectable savouries, each household prepares a fare worth feeding a kingdom. A large number of people also gift sweets to their friends and families to wish them luck and prosperity for the coming days.

Everyone knows that Diwali is an occasion that provides you with an excuse for feasting on scrumptious food and sweets. You’ll get your whole circle of relatives involved in the kitchen some tasty treats as there is nothing like a house smelling of good food on an auspicious day.

Visit your friends:

Get at the side of your neighbours, relatives and friends to have an enjoyable experience with your circle of relatives in a social setting – the festival spirit truly is best enjoyed when shared with others. Friends are an extension of your circle of relatives, so it makes sense to visit them and share the joyous occasion at the side of them.

Offer gratitude and prayers:

A festival is a great time to remind us to be grateful for what we have. And no devout festival is total without rituals and ceremonies to seek blessings from the Gods. This Diwali, get the circle of relatives together for a puja at home or take them for a visit to a temple to offer your prayers.

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