‘This is not over!’: Trump supporters rubbish to accept President’s defeat


Chanting “This is not over!” and “Stop the steal, supporters of President Donald Trump protested at state capitols across the country Saturday, refusing to accept defeat and echoing Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations that the Democrats won the election by fraud.

From Atlanta and Tallahassee to Bismarck, Boise and Phoenix, crowds ranging in size from a couple of dozen to a couple of thousand some of them openly carrying guns decried the news of Joe Biden’s victory after more than three suspense-filled days of vote-counting put the Democrat excessive.

Skirmishes broke out in some cities. In Atlanta, outdoor the state Capitol in the longtime Republican stronghold of Georgia, chants of Lock him up! rang out among an estimated 1,000 Trump supporters. Others chanted, This is not over! This is not over! and Fake news!.

The Roads were awash with American flags and Trump banners.

No instant violence was once reported, though at one point, police moved to separate Trump opponents from supporters. Biden held a slim lead in Georgia, which hasn’t gone for a Democrat since 1992.

Jordan Kelley, a 29-year-old from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, drove three-plus hours to Atlanta to attend the pro-Trump rally.

There’s election fraud going on here, said Kelley, claiming that voters in Georgia, a state with a GOP governor and secretary of state, had improperly counted the ballots to put Biden ahead.

Even if I live in Tennessee, I’m an American, and I need to make certain Americans have a voice in the election.” He deliberate to make the 10-hour go back and forth to Washington next week to illustrate on the steps of the Supreme Court, where Trump and his lawyers have vowed to eventually make his case.

Underscoring the tough feelings on both sides of the nation’s deep political divide, anti-Trump protesters in Washington booed, yelled obscenities, shouted Loser! Loser! and gave the finger to Trump’s motorcade as the president returned to the White House from a golf outing Saturday.

Two signs posted in front of Trump’s Washington hotel read Don’t be a sore loser and Face Reality”. Opposite to the claims of Trump supporters, there was no evidence of any serious vote fraud. And a few Republican elected officials around the country began to distance themselves from Trump and urge him to accept the outcome gracefully.

A few thousand Trump supporters gathered at the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania played a the most important role in Biden’s victory.

Whether we do not stop this today, it’s going to all be over, Bruce Fields, 66, said of news organisations declaring Biden the winner. In a different way we will be able to kiss freedom good-bye.

Approximately two dozen heavily armed men, some wearing camouflage, joined the rally. At the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix, a crowd swelled to more than 1,000 inside hours. Biden won Arizona on his way to victory in the Electoral College.

It’s very suspicious that President Trump, with the red wave we’ve been seeing in Arizona, is struggling, Kelli Ward, former state senator and chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, told boisterous pro-Trump demonstrators.

I need to realize whether there is any discrepancy with the numbers coming out of the machines.” Even in a place that wasn’t near, Trump supporters gathered in droves to express strengthen for him and vent frustration over the outcome of the election. Outdoor North Dakota’s Capitol in Bismarck, the state’s all-Republican congressional delegation joined chanting, sign-carrying protesters.

A couple of skirmishes broke out between Trump backers and pro-Biden and Black Lives Affairs demonstrators, with one BLM supporter making an attempt to handcuff himself to a Trump supporter. The two men began wrestling on the ground.

An officer escorted the Black Lives Matter supporter to a squad car. It was once unclear whether he had been arrested.

In Lansing, Michigan, approximately 50 Trump supporters and a smaller group of marchers carrying Black Lives Matter flags converged on the state Capitol, where they pushed, shoved and shouted at one another in a tense standoff. But inside moments of the race being called, a couple of from both sides broke into prayer, and no less than one twosome hugged.

Frank Dobbs, 40, of Henderson, Nevada, brought a bullhorn and a Trump 2020 flag that he wrestled with in a stiff wind all through a rally outdoor the Clark County registrar of voters office in North Las Vegas.

It is not over until it’s over. There’s still the courts. Whether ever there’s ever a time to expose widespread fraud, this is the president to do it, Dobbs said. The media doesn’t come to a decision who wins the presidency. The legitimate voters of this country come to a decision.

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