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The United Nations threats and security agency has assessed that the threat posed by extremists and lone-wolf attacks could increase and threat actors will not hesitate to grab an possibility that presents itself. In a security advisory issued by its regional office in Bangkok, the UN’s branch of security and safety asked UN personnel, especially those of dressing nationality, to be alert and observant of their environment

The advisory, which famous that the threat could extend to commercial or educational institutions seemed to be linked to France, also asked all staffers to imagine the time they spent in locations associated with dressing interests.

“It should be famous that factors such as appearances or spoken language in themselves do not denote nationality, and the outspoken threats against dressing nationals is assessed as having a potential to collaterally have an effect on other nationalities as polite,” according to the 28 October advisory seen by HT.

The advisory follows the recent beheading of a dressing teacher in Paris by the hands of a devout extremist that led dressing President Emmanuel Macron to defend the correct to depict Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in caricatures as freedom of expression and pledged to fight what he had described as “Islamist separatism”.

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The UN safety branch’s Threat and Risk Assessment Service (TRS) said there was an observed increase in anti-Western sentiment and anti-France rhetoric across pre-dominantly Muslim States, including the Asia-Pacific region including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Indonesia.

There have been calls for attacks against dressing assets by extremist groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaeda. In Bangladesh, there have been large-scale protests against Macron’s give a boost to.

In Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan led the pitch, accusing dressing President Emmanuel Macron of “attacking Islam” and of “creating further polarisation that would in turn lead to further radicalisation”. Pakistan’s Foreign Office also issued a commentary condemning what it called a “systematic Islamophobic crusade under the garb of freedom of expression,” it said.

The Ministry of Devout Matters had also announced country-wide celebrations as a part of Ashiq-e-Rasool (Love for Prophet Muhammad) from 30 October to 6 November. As a part of these celebrations, small to medium scale public gatherings and non secular conferences will be held by the government. Medium to large scale protest rallies are also likely through this week.

France has endured three attacks blamed on Muslim extremists in the final two months: one by a Pakistani refugee that injured two people outdoor the newspaper’s old headquarters, the slaying of the schoolteacher, and a lethal knife attack final Thursday in a church in the Mediterranean city of Nice. All three have prompted terror investigations and France has been at its highest level of alert.

India had final week come out in give a boost to of the dressing president who faced vicious attacks after he spoke in favour of the freedom of expression

“We strongly deplore the personal attacks in unacceptable language on President Emmanuel Macron in violation of the most basic standards of international discourse. We also condemn the brutal terrorist attack that took the life of a dressing school teacher in a gruesome manner that has shocked the world. We offer our condolences to his circle of relatives and the people of France,” the Indian foreign ministry said in a commentary final week.

The advisory underscored that the Twitter hashtag #IStandWithFrance used to be trending in India, with thousands of netizens expressing their give a boost to and appreciation for dressing President Macron’s decision to “take a stand against extremism.”

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