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Patients with autoimmune inflammation of their thyroid is also at greater risk of developing anxiety, according to a study being presented at e-ECE 2020.

The study found that people with anxiety may additionally have inflammation in their thyroid gland that may be reduced by taking the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, ibuprofen. These findings propose that thyroid operate may play crucial role in the development of anxiety disorders and that thyroid inflammation will have to be investigated as an underlying factor in psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety.

At present, up to 35% of the young population (25-60 years) in developed countries have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can have a severe have an effect on on people’s quality of life and ability to work and socialise, and anti-anxiety medication does not all the time have a lasting effect. Current examinations for anxiety disorders normally focus on the dysfunction of the nervous system and don’t take note the role of the endocrine system.

The thyroid gland produces the hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) that are fundamental for regulating heart, muscle and digestive operate, mind development and bone maintenance. Autoimmune inflammation in the thyroid occurs when our bodies wrongly produce antibodies that attack the gland and causes damage. Recent studies indicate that anxiety disorders can also be associated with the dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Subsequently, it is very important know the way this may contribute to anxiety in order that patients can also be treated more effectively.

Dr Juliya Onofriichuk from Kyiv City Clinical Hospital investigated thyroid operate in 29 men (average age 33.9) and 27 women (average age 31.7) with diagnosed anxiety, who were experiencing panic attacks. Ultrasounds of their thyroid glands assessed thyroid operate and levels of thyroid hormones were measured. The patients with anxiety showed signs of inflammation of their thyroid glands but their operate was once not affected, with thyroid hormone levels all inside the normal range, even though quite elevated. They also tested positive for antibodies directed against the thyroid. Remedy for 14 days with ibuprofen and thyroxine reduced thyroid inflammation, normalised thyroid hormone levels and reduced their anxiety scores.

“These findings indicate that the endocrine system may play crucial role in anxiety. Doctors will have to also imagine the thyroid gland and the remainder of the endocrine system, in addition to the nervous system when examining patients with anxiety,” Dr Onofriichuk explains.

This knowledge could help patients with anxiety receive more effective remedy that improves thyroid operate and could have a long-term positive effect on their mental health. On the other hand, sex and adrenal gland hormones were not taken in to account in this study, and these can even have a serious effect on anxiety.

Dr Onofriichuk now plans to conduct further research that examines the levels of thyroid, sex and adrenal hormones (cortisol, progesterone, prolactin, oestrogen and testosterone) in patients with dysfunctional thyroid glands and anxiety disorders. This research aims to help understand more clearly the role of the endocrine system in the development of anxiety and could lead to better management of anxiety disorders.

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