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Each and every time we think that Tiger Shroff has reached his fitness peak, he turns around and pushes his body to such extremes that we are left awestruck. The sheer agility and strength he puts on display in his movies, shirtless dances and action sequences, has us all in thrall of his physical abilities and with a very strong desire to hit the gym 4 times a day!

We have seen him pull off the most difficult exercises all over his workouts, and do the most dangerous stunts, all with relative ease, which have earned him the title of being probably the most youngest actors to perform quite a lot of acrobatic stunts in films.

Just recently the multi-talented actor posted a video on his Instagram page of him deadlifting with 220 kgs. Yes, you read that correct! Shroff also nonchalantly captioned the video saying, “Excuse the war cries…that felt heavy af.” Though the first try isn’t successful, he tries again, swearing his way through the lift, but in the end succeeding in lifting those 220 kgs, which in all equity must be unattainable for any human!  

Even supposing Tiger Shroff makes it look easy, there is a large number of training and tough work on his part that goes into making his body capable of making an attempt such feats. In an interview with GQ magazine, Shroff stated that he hops on the treadmill in his room, first object in the morning and spends 45 minutes running, “and that just gets my blood flowing and my body warmed up for my next activity, which is probably some martial arts or gymnastics training in the morning.”

On the other hand, this intense workout isn’t followed by rest for the day. Slightly, correct after a light lunch, he heads correct back to the gym to work on building muscle and targeting different parts of his body. He even mentions how once he gets bored of running on the treadmill, he continuously opts for dancing instead.

In the gym, Tiger Shroff can lift nearly 3 times his body weight, which gives him enough of a challenge to retain his fitness up and muscles taut. So, in case you are having a look to receive your body having a look love it is made purely out of muscle, take a look at Shroff’s page for some inspiration!

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