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GUWAHATI: The Assam Real Estate & Infrastructure Developer’s Organization (AREIDA) said that every one constructions in the state have withstood the massive earthquake of 6.4 magnitudes on Wednesday without much damage.

The real estate organization said that there used to be no reason to panic as the building constructions in the state have been designed to face such natural calamities to a great extend.

In the earthquake, buildings have developed cracks; walls were damaged in several areas in the state.

PK Sharma, president, AREIDA, said, “We have today extensively surveyed the earthquake damage and find that these are primarily non-structural damage like wall cracks and the load-bearing RCC frame has performed mannered in the entire buildings inspected. Wall cracks and other non-structural damage have been found which only proves that the RCC frame has performed on expected lines with sufficient ductily to shake without failure.”

One of the most mandatory objectives of earthquake-resistant constructions is to reach the required ductility in the building RCC frame. Ductlity is the elasticity of the RCC constitution of beams, columns slabs and foundation giving it the ability to shake and sway without deformation when subjected to seismic forces. 

“It’s the most desirable quality for good earthquake performance as this enables the constitution to soak up energy and save the building from collapse. This ductile RCC frame is attached to non-ductile non-RCC members like walls, which are essentially non-structural components and these obviously develop cracks as they cannot shake without deformation like the ductilite or elastic RCC frame. Provisions of the BIS earthquake codes never intended to prevent wall cracks in a massive earthquake like this one,” he added.

Sharma said that the earthquake of Wednesday morning with a devastating combination of shallow depth, a short distance from epicentre and high magnitude has generated highly destructive seismic forces on the buildings.

“The organization in the context of the devastating earthquake this morning urges one and all neither to panic nor to spread panic. Those living in Zone 5 should pay attention to the expected behavior of buildings, right through earthquakes as the mandatory norms as laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) codes are a balance between safety and affordability,” he said.

As per AREIDA, the norms stipulate: – (a) Minor earthquake- no damage. (b) Moderate earthquake: – no damage to structural members but cracking and damage to non-structural components allowed. (c) Heavy and devastating earthquakes damage to even structural members allowed, but the building should be standing with no loss of human lives. 

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