This correspondence News | Baghjan will be ‘Normal’ again soon, claims OIL


GUWAHATI:  The Oil India Limited on Saturday said that the people of Baghjan, who have still been languishing in quite a lot of relief camps because of the spewing of gas from the PSU  major’s Baghjan 5 oil mannered, will regain its pre-27 May situation from September 8.

Oil India Limited’s public relation officer (PRO) Tridip Hazarika said, “Currently, we have made up our minds to divert the leaking gas towards a new mannered on Tuesday which will minimize the intensity of the current blowout. Then again, a minimum amount of gas oil will be burnt in the blowout point itself. That won’t cause any harm to the surrounding. The shaking of land and high decibel sound wave will be reduced to a large extend. Literally, the pre-May 27 situations will return to Baghjan from Tuesday onwards.”

Hazarika stressed that the sufferers, who are being sheltered at the relief camps can return to their homes from May 27 onwards.

The PRO also informed This correspondence that at this time, more than 100 of professionals, supervised by 6 experts from the M/S Alert Catastrophe Keep an eye on, Singapore, have been working to fix the blowout round the clock.

“The operation scheduled for September 8 will be a transitory measure. We are also considering other alternatives like hiring new blowout experts from other foreign agencies to fix the problem permanently,” Hazarika further said.

A major blowout took place at the natural gas mannered of OIL at Baghjan in Upper Assam’s Tinsukia district, next to Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, on May 27 for which the PSU major has been struggling to fix till date. A massive fire engulfed the blowout mannered on June 9.

The incident forced the administration to evacuate no less than 8,000 people living nearby because of spewing of natural gas and condensate droplets. Later, the natives also complained of unnatural human in addition to animal deceased because of air pollution caused by the blowout.

Recently, hundreds of sufferers have erected a transitory camp in the office premises of the Tinsukia district’s Deputy Commissioner to register their protests. The protest is still on.

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