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GUWAHATI: The Civil Court of Guwahati has held that the Kendriya Sadharan Parishad assembly of AGP dated August 27 whereby Atul Bora used to be elected as the AGP President used to be in violation of the injunction order issued a day before the event.

The court used to be of the view that in spite of receiving the stay order of the court through Whatsapp on August 26 by them and in spite of having information of the stay order dated August 26 through newspapers and news channels of Assam upon the contrary parties, they (AGP members) showed total forget to the stay order and proceeded with the assembly violating the court’s order in addition to COVID protocol.

Up to now on a suit filed by Girin Talukdar, Jiten Deka and Hemen Lahkar, the Civil Court passed a restraining order for the AGP assembly stating, “The assembly is out and out unlawful as it is against the charter of AGP in addition to against the COVID protocol”.

The court had observed that the assembly violated clause 26 of the charter of AGP and the notification issued by the state government through the State Catastrophe Management Branch.

On the other hand, AGP held the assembly on August 27 and Atul Bora used to be elected as the party president. The assembly used to be completed inside 45 minutes. Later AGP leaders claimed that they had received the court order only after the assembly used to be finished.

Former chief minister Prafulla Mahanta who also reached the AGP office at Ambari to attend the assembly chose not to take part in it after he came to realize approximately the court’s restriction order. He also had said that it would be unlawful to hold this sort of operate.

Several AGP workers also complained that the assembly’s timing used to be mysteriously ‘preponed’ without anyone’s knowledge.

Against such action, another application used to be filed against AGP President Atul Bora, Vice President Keshab Mahanta, Phani Bhushan Choudhury, and others. The application used to be argued by senior advocate Dilip Choudhury who also represented the applicants on August 26 when the stay order used to be passed.

After hearing the matter, the Civil Pass judgement on Shakti Sharma opined that there used to be a violation of the court’s order and in the interest of justice AGP must chorus from giving effect to all of the resolutions passed in the assembly held on August 27 which shall also include the election of Atul Bora as President, for being made in alleged violation of injunction order.

The court also asked the AGP officer bearers to maintain the attendance register and proceeding book of the assembly together with the CCTV footage of the AGP office and the photograph of the congregation for adjudication of this case.

The courts also issued summon to the violators which also includes Atul Bora, vice president Keshab Mahanta and cabinet minister Phani Bhushan Choudhury on November 19

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