this correspondence News | COVID 2.0: Assam may seek Bhutan’s help for Oxygen provide


GUWAHATI: Assam may reach out to Bhutan in case of need of oxygen in an emergency situation, said state health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday.

Alternatively, he said that the decision to move the neighboruing country must be taken in a cabinet decision which can only be conceivable after May 2 when the state meeting election results would be out.

Sarma said, “Bhutan is coming up with a 50 MT oxygen generating plant and in case of urgency, we will be able to approach them. But for that, the incoming state government’s cabinet needs to decide. There are other plans also which will need a cabinet nod and can only happen after the formation of the next state government.”

The minister said that the outgoing state government can’t make each decision.

“There are plans to establish oxygen generating plants in the state too. We have a roadmap for any eventualities but not all decisions may also be taken by the current interim government,” he said.

Sarma said that Assam has installed eight oxygen generating plants (5.25 MT /day) after the Covid crisis hit final year and has a plan to establish 15 more in the coming days.

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