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GUWAHATI: AgSpert, an agri-tech startup, co-founded by the students of IIT Guwahati, and alumni of NIT Silchar and Dibrugarh University, Assam, has developed AgSpeak, a multi-lingual smartphone application for farmers to smartly manage their farms and remotely monitor misery activities.

Developed with the goal of optimizing the in-farm productivity through Man made Intelligence (AI), this application will help the farmers in making decisions and managing farm activities by the click of a unmarried button on their smartphone or computer.

AgSpert is leading this initiative in North-Eastern India which has untapped potential, with diverse ecosystems having agriculture as the major economic activity.

The developed application is multi-lingual and has an option of Assamese as mannered. This feature is a first among all of the agri-tech applications to be had available in the market.

Driven by hyper-local crop data coming from satellite and smart IoT devices, AgSpeak considers up to 20 native crop parameters which are key indicators of their health like temperature, rainfall, sunlight hours, earth health status, among others, to alert farmers approximately probable crop threats in advance and propose best practices to tackle the incoming threat, hence optimizing the resources used and maximizing productivity.

The app in conjunction with the IoT hardware has been tested for the past three months with 500 farmers and two tea estates.

Probably the most major breakthroughs by the algorithm were a precise prediction of BLIGHT IN POTATO and TEA MOSQUITO BUG, in conjunction with WATER STRESS in winter crops. These are major reasons of woes to farmers and small tea growers of Assam and cause lakhs in crop damages whether not controlled in time.

Major commercial users of the product include commercial plantation farms (tea, lemon orchards, grape vineyards).

Almost 250 farmers have already been given hands-on training in utilizing the full potential of the app. On the other hand, the user-friendliness and multilingual features of the app make it extremely easy for farmers to use and seldom require training. 

The mobile app is totally free for general small farmers. There are in-app purchases like earth testing and agri-doctor consultation. But even so this, the IoT devices will also be rented for monthly /annually purposes by commercial farms to further reinforce precision farm management.  It has been tested with many farmers and its practical utility established.


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