This correspondence News | Indian Writer Prajwal Parajuly’s book nominated for France’s first Novel Prize


GUWAHATI: Indian creator Prajwal Parajuly’s book “Land where I Flee” has been nominated for France’s First Novel Prize.

The dressing translation of the book Fuir et Revenir, done by Benoite Dauvergne is selected for the prestigious award.

Only two weeks after Parajuly’s bestselling novel “Land where I Flee”made the long list for the Emile Guimet prize.

To begin with printed in English, Prajwal Parajuly’s debut novel rose to popularity, being declared as ‘Book of the Year’ by The Independent in the United Kingdom, The Kansas City Star in america and The Hindustan Times and other publications in India shortly after journal. 

Parajuly, who hailed from Sikkim, was once shortlisted for The Dylan Thomas Prize in the United Kingdom and The Story Prize in america. He also featured on the Oprah Book Club in South Africa and later went on to pass judgement on the Dylan Thomas Prize.

Land Where I Flee is a circle of relatives saga, “a delightful comedy of manners” in which four Nepali-Indian siblings living in quite a lot of parts of the world convene in the Himalayan town of Gangtok, in North-Eastern India, to celebrate their formidable grandmother’s 84th birthday. Parajuly is originally from Gangtok, the son of an Indian father and a Nepali mother, but now divides his time between New York and Calcutta.  

Awarded every year to one dressing author and one foreign author, the First Novel Prize will be announced on October 26, at La Coupole on boulevard de Montparnasse, in Paris. A special ceremony will be held on November 15 at the Théâtre de la Pépinière, also in Paris. Preceding winners have included American author Jim Fergus, German creator Katharina Winkler, and Shih-Li Kow from Malaysia.

Other writers on the 2020 list are Marieke Lucas Rijneveld (Netherlands), Margaret Wilkerson Sexton (USA), Nazanine Hozar (Iran), Stephen Markley (USA), Olja Savicevic (Croatia), and Eduardo Fernando Varela (Argentina).

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