This correspondence News | KK & Mohan of Beharbari Outpost test COVID19 Positive


GUWAHATI: Popular Assamese TV serial ‘Beharbari Outpost’ hits a jolt as a minimum of seven members of its unit including its two top characters-Mohan and K.K. tested COVID19 positive.

Both Mohan (real name-Deepjyoti Keot) and KK (real name-Siddhartha Sharma) took it to Facebook to announce their health updates.

In the social media posts, while KK has also requested everyone who may have come in contact with him to go for the COVID-19 test, Mohan said that the only saving grace used to be that he didn’t go home for the past two weeks and so there used to be no real danger of anyone from his circle of relatives getting infected from him.

Beharbari Outpost is a very popular comedy drama show and being telecasted on weekdays.

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