This correspondence News | Oil likely to herald USA’s ‘Wild Polite Keep watch over’ to douse off fire at Baghjan


By Debananda Medak

GUWAHATI: Taking cognizance of the Singapore based Alert Catastrophe Keep watch over’s repeated failings in dousing off the Baghjan blowout, the Oil India Limited has determined to herald the ‘Wild Polite Keep watch over’ from United States of The us (USA).

The Alert Catastrophe Keep watch over started operation at the Baghjan blowout in the first week of June. Then again, the MSU major’s malfunctioning mannered has still been spewing gas uncontrollably for more than 100 days. The blowout incident occurred on May 27 and used to be followed by an explosion on 9 June at the OIL mannered in Baghjan in Upper Assam’s Tinsukia district.  

Oil spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said, “We have diverted some amount of gas to our production set up at Baghjan while the remaining gas used to be diverted to two flare pits constructed close the mannered site. Though the diversion has considerably reduced the present sound, it used to be a purely a transitory measure. Hence, Oil has been assessing a variety of companies to fix the blowout permanently. The Wild Polite Keep watch over from the United States is this kind of shortlisted companies.”  

Notably, Arnab Kishore Bordoloi, a dynamic young electrical engineer of OIL while working with some equipment at Baghjan Blowout mannered site, suddenly fell down and missing consciousness on September 9.   He used to be given emergency health care by doctor at site and used to be taken to Assam Medical College & Hospitals, Dibrugarh, where he used to be declared deceased.

Earlier, too, the PSU major missing two fire-fighters while working at the blowout site.

At the same time, Assam’s Industries and Trade Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary said that the Oil India Limited will bring in a Canadian Company to douse off the fire at Baghjan.

Patowary said, “The Alert Catastrophe Keep watch over failed in dousing off the Baghjan fire. Right now, Oil has partially diverted the spewing gas to a new production site. It is transitory. Oil will bring in a Canadian Company shortly to fix the blowout permanently.”    

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