This correspondence News | OIL successfully diverts the drift of gas to Baghjan EPS and flare pits


GUWAHATI: The Energy major Oil India Limited (OIL) on Sunday successfully diverted the drift of gas from the polite head to Baghjan early production setup (EPS) and to two flare pits.

OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said, “With the purpose of reducing the surface level polite head pressure of the blowout polite no 5 at Baghjan, the process for restoration of diversion of drift of gas from the polite head to Baghjan EPS and two flare pits was once successfully implemented today.”

Hazarika said that Sunday’s operation was once carried out after experts from M/s Alert and OIL completed the checking/inspection of the polite head and safety inspection in conjunction with particular job safety analysis of entire system the previous day.

“The drift of gas was once diverted to EPS at around 8:40 AM after closing the blowout preventer (BOP) and flaring a part of the gas which was once diverted to two flare pits,” he said.

According to the spokesperson, polite head pressures and related parameters are being monitored constantly and once the whole system is stabilised, next line of actions will be undertaken for polite killing operation.

“All safety precautions are in place and the wellhead, BOP stack, choke manifold and ground x-mass tree are being frequently sprayed with water for cooling purpose. All efforts are being taken to regulate the polite at the earliest,” he added.     

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