This correspondence News | Over 100 COVID deaths in One Week; Govt orders 3000 Bodybags: Is Assam heading to a Worse situation?


GUWAHATI: Over 100 people have died of Covid19 in Assam inside the final week as the complete Covid 19 death in the state nearing 500. The spurt in the Covid 19 deaths has not only caused worry to the state’s health branch but also has forced the state government to rethink on its further strategy in dealing with the situation.

As per the state’s health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s information, no less than 114 people have missing their lives to the Covid19 virus since September 9. The complete Covid19 deaths in the state stood at 492 by Tuesday.

The numbers were so high that the health minister on Sunday determined to meet the Covid 19 patients in critical conditions personally and inspected the situation within the ICUs of Gauhati medical college hospital (GMCH).

Later, sharing a video of his visit on his tweeter care for, Sarma said, “Please see this video not because it’s approximately me. Through this video, you’ll see the cruelest aspect of COVID 19. The sufferings of misery patients in the ICU and the COVID wards. Please wear a mask, handle social distance and don’t take COVID 19 lightly.”

The minister informed that in September, the state has seen positivity rate shooting up to 7 percent. Deaths have increased; the mortality rate used to be 0.22 percent. Today, it is 0.31 percent. It’s a matter of concern, he said.

Adding to the worry, the Assam health branch has recently floated a bid for the purchasing 3000 body bags, used for storing and transporting COVID19 corpses. The e-tender issued on August 28 said the body bags were required “on an pressing basis in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

On the other hand, for the National Health Mission (NHM) authority which has floated the bid the body bags were being purchased as safety measures for the frontline workers. Sources in NHM said that the body bags were wanted for distributing across the state.

“People who succumb to co-morbidities are also shrouded in body bags whether they tested positive. The branch does not want the doctors, workers and anyone who care for the cremations to receive infected,” sources added.

In Assam, the spurt in Covid19 deaths has also created difficulties for district administrations in carrying out the final rites in the case of expenses, forcing the state government to step in with funeral assistance of Rs 5000 now too.

Reacting to the situation, All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) chief advisor Samujjal Bhattacharjya said, “Recent spike and fatality arising out of COVID-19 is worrying. Effective awareness campaigns by the government are a necessity. The public should adhere to the government’s health guidelines and remain vigilant. The government must also execute pro-student initiatives for their overall mannered being.”

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