this correspondence News | Prevalence of smokeless tobacco use in Assam up by 9 percent: GATS


GUWAHATI: The prevalence of smokeless tobacco use in Assam has increased by around nine percent.

As per the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) data, the prevalence of any tobacco use has significantly increased from 39.3% in GATS 1 to 48.2% in its latest survey.

On Saturday, marking the National Cancer Awareness Day, the Consumers’ Valid Protection Forum (CLPF), Assam and Consumer VOICE, Delhi have urged all stakeholders to take a pledge to offer protection to children and youth from tobacco which has been the leading cause of cancerous diseases.

The CLPF also demanded the state government to execute the rules of tobacco Vendor Licensing to offer protection to people from tobacco products.

Access to tobacco products must be limited to children and youth. Responsible selling requires Vendor Licensing in Assam, CLPF said.

Advocate Ajoy Hazarika, CLPF secretary, said, “In 2020, tobacco-related cancers are estimated to contribute 3.7 lakhs (27.1%) of the complete cancer burden. It’s the high time we go into combative mode against this disease. Tobacco not only causes direct cancer but also affects quite a lot of other organs causing peptic ulcer, esophagus cancer, prostate, urinary bladder, and pancreas. Tobacco Vendor licensing must be implemented to retain the more youthful generation from the influence of tobacco products”.

Cancers related to the usage of any form of tobacco were highest in the northeastern region of the country and in higher proportions in men. Cancer of the lung, jaw, belly and esophagus were the most typical cancers among men.

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