This correspondence News | We’re In a position to Prepare a Fresh NRC: Assam BJP President


GUWAHATI: Assam BJP isn’t in a position to accept the up to date National Register of Citizens (MRC) published final year.

State BJP president Ranjeet Kumar Dass said that the NRC which was once published was once erroneous and the state can’t accept it in its present form.

“This NRC is defective and full of names of unlawful immigrants. How are we able to accept such NRC? Whether the Supreme Court orders the state government to prepare a fresh NRC, we are in a position to take action,” Dass said.

He added that the state government would be in a position to expense for redoing a fresh NRC. “It’s not approximately money but approximately a reasonable NRC,” he said.

Dass added that though the intention for updating NRC was once good, with many genuine Indians being left out, the current NRC has turn out to be a waste paper.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had rejected the Assam and Centre government’s plea for conducting a 20 percent pattern re-verification of the draft NRC in border districts and 10 percent in remaining districts.

Last NRC has excluded over 1.9 million people.

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