This correspondence News | Why Nagaon Police wants to realize ‘Rasode Me Kaun Tha?’


GUWAHATI: The Nagaon police are ‘slaying it’, as they say, on Twitter. On Tuesday, the police branch of Nagaon, won hearts by coming out with a tounge-in-cheek tweet to put focus on the drug peddlers.

In a twitter post, the Nagaon police used latest viral meme to cause attention to drug racket which they busted. The police asked the social media users “Rasode Me Kaun Tha?”

The use of the trending lines from Hindi TV serial ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’, Nagaon Police tweeted, “RASODE ME KAUN THA?

Rasode me do drugs peddlers tha.

Carton me se Livsaf and vitamins nikal diye aur CODEX and drugs chhupa diya.

Itne me Team Nagaon ayi aur dono ko utha liya.

@assampolice @gpsinghassam @Irbishnoiassam”

The Nagaon police arrested two accused in conjunction with drugs, Livsaf and vitamins and CODEX.

The tweet has been lauded by users as an effective medium to cause the public closer to the police.

The Nagaon Police’s Twitter care for has been posting witty tweets with interesting hashtags to deliver messages concerning the public.

So as to do that, the branch includes everything from humorous hash tags and amusing memes to intelligent puns. Nagaon Police at all times finds unique ways to disseminate information to the people of the state.

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