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People set effigy of Ravana on fire as part of Dussehra celebration on
the final day of Durga puja to mark the victory of good over depraved. Ministers, MLAs
and celebrities also take part all over the celebration. But, the question arises
here is if the reality has changed or not.

The world is vexed with intolerance and extremism. True values of harmonious co-existence and mutual respect are missing. Caste, class and non secular differences are so pronounced in the country. Crimes against women including rape, assault, acid attack and domestic violence have increased at an alarming rate. People are lynched to death for carrying beef, thrashed for not uttering devout slogans and plenty of more.

So, Dussehra celebration will be meaningless whether people fail to cause the
negativities under keep an eye on and curb them. It’s the age of advanced information
and technology. Practical knowledge is more preferred than the theoretical knowledge.
A society may also be built steady and mannered organised by contributing virtually without
driven by superstitions. It’s going to, then, also give a fillip in the country’s

The delicate ecological balance is on the point of collapse because of the aggressive devout practices. Idols used in Durga puja are made of plaster of paris and highly poisonous chemicals. These pollute the water bodies resulting death of aquatic lives and discount of oxygen quantity. As a result, the climate gets affected directly or not directly, which is an issue of great concern.

Celebrating and promoting Ravana Daah will no way help in superseding the psychology of the people. Government and the organizations including the civil societies will have to concentrate and work on imparting quality education which will foster people residing in each and every a part of the state. The government will have to make people aware approximately crime and punishment relatively than setting effigy of Ravana on fire. Knowledge is the only weapon which can defeat the evils on the planet.

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