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A study by World Health Organisation has pointed out at breast cancer rates higher among women in more developed regions while the rates are increasing in almost each and every region globally. In 2019 alone, about 2,68,600 cases of invasive breast cancer were reported among women while those diagnosed in men amounted to 2,670.

October is observed as breast cancer awareness month across the world to educate people, particularly women approximately its cause, prevention, diagnosis, remedy and cure, excluding offering information and fortify to those affected by the disease. As per the WHO, almost 2.1 million women are impacted around the globe with breast cancer, an ailment which could also be responsible for the largest number of cancer-related deaths among women.

Hence, you will need to practice these 5 Yoga asanas listed below to retain the risk of developing breast cancer at bay:

1. Paschimottanasana

This can be a seated forward-bending asana which is entered from Dandasana, or the seated staff pose of Yoga, by bending forward from the hips without straining and greedy the feet or lower legs.



Begin with Dandasana and place a strap around the feet while greedy them at the hands whether the back is stiff. Be sure that your knees are fairly bent and legs stretched out forward.

Then inhale and extend your arms straight out to the sides and up over your head, reaching toward the ceiling while keeping your backbone erect. As you exhale and empty your belly of air, begin to come forward by hinging at your hips and place your upper body on your lower body.

Lower your arms, grip your big toes with your fingers and take a look at to touch your knees with your nose. Have in mind to lengthen your backbone on each and every inhale and deepen into your forward bend on each and every exhale.

2. Prasarita padottasana

This wide-legged standing forward bend is a superb warm-up for other wide-stance standing poses as it stretches the backs of the legs and the inner groins. It calms the mind and eases fatigue while making improvements to circulation of blood and toning the abdominal organs.


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You will need to to start something with a lucid brain and a positive attitude. It is usually a new venture, a new task or a new day. One of the best ways for me to begin my day and week is with Yoga. But, one can’t retain doing the same routine week-on-week. So today, I practiced the Prasarita Padottanasana (A,B,C,D)and its variations. These asanas work predominantly on the lower body, strengthening the backbone, core, and legs; but also calms the brain… stretching the hamstring, calves, and glutes. In conjunction with all of these benefits, it also helps toughen digestion and tones the abdominal muscles. This routine may look very simple to perform, but the asanas are extremely effective 🧘🏻‍♀️ How do you start your day? ☀️ @simplesoulfulapp . . . . . #MondayMotivation #SwasthRahoMastRaho #FitIndia #SSApp #SimpleSoulfulApp #yoga #YogaSeHiHoga #NewDay #fitness

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Retain a parallel distance of approximately 3 to 4 feet between your legs and place your hands on your hips. With your legs and backbone intensely stretched, inhale, lift your chest up tall through your entire torso and fold slowly over your legs.

Begin to stretch your torso forward by placing your hands flat on the floor and keeping them shoulder-width apart. Fold deeper, bringing your head toward the floor.

3. Dhanurasana

This backbending or bow pose exercise increases and regains spinal strength and flexibility.



Lie down on your belly, retain your feet fairly apart and nearly parallel to your hips while placing your arms on the side of your body. Slowly, fold your knees up and raise your hands backwards to hold your ankles.

Inhale, lift your chest off the ground, pull your legs up and stretch it out while feeling the tension on your arms and thighs. Breathe deeply and hold onto the pose for 12-15 seconds before bringing your chest and legs back to the ground slowly.

4. Gomukhasana

This cow face pose is another seated asana in Yoga which is every so often used for meditation.



Sit down with your legs stretched out and then, bend the left leg and place the foot under the correct hip. Next, bend the correct leg over the left leg and draw it towards the left hip.

Keeping the correct knee on the left one, bend the left hand in the back of and bring the palm up. Raise your correct hand to succeed in the left one and clasp it. Breathe slowly while sitting in this position while keeping your eyes closed and release after 30 seconds or one minute.

5. Chakrasana

Another backbend exercise of Yoga, this asana is too gives great flexibility to the backbone. Perform this only when your belly and bowels are empty.



Lie down on your back and fold your legs at your knees to make certain that your soles are placed firmly on the floor and closer to your buttocks. Retain your feet hip-width apart and your palms facing the sky.

Inhale, balance your weight on your limbs and lift all of your body up to form an arch. Loosen up your neck keeping it long and make allowance your head to hang gently in the back of.

Hold onto the pose for so long as you are comfortable and then release by bending your arms, legs and gently lowering your back on the ground. Lie down in Shavasana for a couple of minutes before resuming.

Internationally acclaimed Yoga master, Grand Master Akshar, who could also be a philanthropist, spiritual guru, way of life coach and creator suggests, “A holistic way of life can fortify and offer protection to you through anything particularly in a condition like breast cancer. Yoga is an extremely useful addition to your life as it lends strength in all aspects of living such as physical, mental and even emotional. Yoga builds your immunity, and you’ll be able to also plan a diet accordingly that brings many benefits. Nourishing and nutritious food enhances intestine health, boosts digestion and assists in keeping your organs functioning smoothly. Yoga and meditation also make certain that you remain upbeat and positive.”

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