UK air travellers need test as new strain spreads – commute



U.K. travellers are facing more restrictions because of a new variant of the virus spreading inside the country, with the U.S. insisting Britons will have to have a negative Covid-19 test inside 72 hours of departing the U.K. Russia will impose a two-week quarantine on travellers arriving from the U.K, and Hong Kong extended its mandatory quarantine for most visitors to three weeks.

Germany, Switzerland and Japan joined a growing number of countries that have identified their first cases of the coronavirus variant that has emerged in the U.K., which a study showed is 56% more transmissible than other strains, even though there’s no lucid evidence it leads to more severe cases of the disease.

South Africa rejected claims that a mutated strain found in the country has contributed to a second wave of infections in the U.K. and criticized its decision to impose commute restrictions.

Beijing is advising its residents not to leave the city all over the holidays because of a recent resurgence of infections. Japan could also be asking people to stay home over New Year’s, and is thinking about changes to its virus law, such as fining bars and restaurants that don’t comply with directions to shut early.

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.)

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