UNIQLO’s HEATTECH Thermals That Generate Heat From Your Body Now To be had in India



Winters – Love them or hate them, you definitely can’t escape them. India is likely to witness a harsher winter and may see a rise in the frequency of bloodless waves this season. Feeling the chills already, are not you? Here is a quick winter season checklist for you:

Gloves? Check. Hat? Check. Bulky winter coats? You do not want them anymore.

Japanese technology that generates heat from your body: Feel 2 degrees warmer

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is here that can assist you with just that. HEATTECH by Uniqlo insulates your body heat and protects you from the intense bloodless. It generates heat without any unnecessary additional weight. HEATTECH’s revolutionary technology smartly converts body moisture into heat, ensuring you stay warm and cosy all over the bloodless season.

Uniqlo’s HEATTECH is the most productive bet to defeat the winter bloodless: With 800g lesser clothes

Developed through a partnership with Toray Industries, some of the world’s top fibres and textiles manufacturers, HEATTECH uses fibres that are 10 times finer than human hair and creates highly insulating layers that prevent warm air from escaping.

As HEATTECH absorbs body moisture, the movement of tiny droplets generates ample heat to retain you warm. HEATTECH doesn’t just generate warmth, it also stores the heat where you wish to have it the most thanks to intelligent air pockets between fibres.

A brand that delivers what it promises: 100 crores HEATTECH thermals sold worldwide

Uniqlo’s cold-weather clothing line has now achieved a cult-like status. Seventeen years since its launch, the company says it is still continually making improvements, aiming to offer its customers “real warmth and real consolation”. Through the years, HEATTECH has developed into a range that embodies UNIQLO’s global mission to offer value to customers through its ground-breaking fibre technology, a technology that is respected far and wide the world.

Today Uniqlo has more than 2,000 stores in 22 countries across the world and has sold over 100 crore HEATTECH thermals worldwide. Yes, it’s that good! This brilliant technology is not limited to just the women, men can benefit from HEATTECH’s innovative clothing range too. They also have cute miniature versions for kids and toddlers.


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