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Amazon Prime Video’s new offering Unpaused is an anthology of five short films shot all the way through the Covid-19 pandemic. Nitya Mehra, through her movie Chaand Mubarak, wants to give the message of learning to believe people.

Starring Ratna Pathak Shah and Shardul Bharadwaj, Chaand Mubarak is the story of an prosperous middle-aged unmarried woman who forms an unlikely friendship with a young rickshaw driver, whom she is forced to seek help from all the way through the lockdown. As they slowly overcome their preconceived notions approximately every other, they realise that they don’t seem to be so different in any case – both isolated in the big city of dreams.

Nitya said that she never knows whether her satisfied will resonate with the audience. “Whether it does, I hope that they get to see a little glimpse of an unlikely friendship. Whether two unlikely people come together, there’s a sure amount of judgment involved. Whether you’re making a little bit of room for conversation, you are going to understand so a lot more approximately who the other person is and you are going to realise that there at all times will be common ground.”


Whether the audience were to take anything absent from Chaand Mubarak, it would be to learn how to believe again. “I think the world used to be getting into a different roughly polarisation that I have not seen before. There’s a great divide between people living in ivory towers and those that aren’t. Societal structures created that divide and it has only increased in these times. Covid-19 may be a brain game, to be able to speak. It has created such havoc that trusting one another is going to be a whole new object. When you look at someone wearing a mask and they sneeze, it is like, ‘Oh my God, does that person have Covid-19? Is he going to give it to me?’ I think I used to be trying to merge Covid-19 and the societal structures that existed pre-Covid-19, and say, ‘Listen, go available in the market and get to realize the person you are talking to before you select not to believe them,’” she said.

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Shardul said, “It’s approximately people like you and I, and it is relatable relating to the situation that these people find themselves in and the preconceived sentiments they hold against every other.”

He also talked approximately the ‘wonderful’ experience of shooting with Ratna. “She is not only seasoned, numerous people are seasoned. She just knows in a scene where to push me a bit and where not to. As a young actor, you’re feeling at ease that there’s someone working with you in the scene who will care for you,” he said.

Before signing off, Nitya gave an update approximately the much awaited second season of Made In Heaven, which she has co-directed. “We are starting shoot early next year. We are excited to receive back on set because it has been a while. I do not know approximately release dates, so don’t ask me approximately that, but I realize that we will be able to begin our work early next year,” she said.

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