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US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that he would declare victory in the presidential elections “only when there’s a victory”.

“There’s no reason to play games. I look at it as being a very, very solid chance of winning here. I don’t understand how they rate the chances,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” throughout a morning phone interview, as quoted by CNN and added, “I think numerous that has to do with the tremendous crowd size.”

“It’s been a great run, an unbelievable three weeks,” Trump said of his last crusade dash and called the last stretch of his crusade as emotional knowing it could be the final time he’d be running for President.

With regard to his chance of winning the election, he said that it is “a very solid chance of winning”.

He offered himself only a mildly optimistic prognosis for victory — “a very solid chance of winning”.

Then again, his democratic counterpart and former Vice President Joe Biden will claim victory in a nationwide address followed by major transition announcements as soon as major media organizations declare him the mathematical winner of the 2020 presidential race.

Sputnik quoted a outline by Axios that said, “Whether news organisations declare Joe Biden the mathematical President-elect, he plans to address the nation as its new leader, even though President Trump continues to fight in court.”

The outline said, “Biden advisers based the strategy on a “lesson” learned from the 2000 election, when Al Gore hung back while George W. Bush declared victory in that contested election, putting the Democratic nominee on the defensive while Bush acted like the winner.”

Biden would most likely emphasise plans to battle the pandemic by spotlighting a future role for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, whom Trump has threatened to fire, according to the outline, as reported by Sputnik.

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