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If you are an evening stroll person or if you in point of fact enjoy your spirited morning walks, it is advisable to use a couple of tech aids to augment the experience and get the most out of this seemingly elementary a part of your health regime.

Before smart technology took over each and every aspect of our lives, serious walkers and athletes used pedometers to track the distance they’d walked. Of class lesson, now those tiny little devices come in advanced avatars like the GOQii Stride, which you’ll easily clip on your walking shoes to keep away from carrying anything additional while going for a walk.

The Stride helps you retain a count of the steps you’ve taken while walking and brings together the GOQii preventive healthcare ecosystem including app-based personalised coaching, nutrition tracker, and primary medical intervention.

Smart Shoes
There are also some ‘smart shoes’ out there like those from Xiaomi Mijia or TRAQ by Alegria that include an integrated pedometer that instantly syncs with your smartphone. None of these unfortunately are officially to be had in India.

Smart Phone
But if you wish to retain it basic, and not spend additional to acquire another gadget for your walks, your smartphone is good enough to track and record your walks.

Fitness App
The apps from smartphone makers – Google Fit, Huawei Health, Samsung Health (previously S-Health), Mi Fit, Health (by Apple) – are a good start for step counting. These apps typically make stronger third-party health and fitness apps too.

Whether you wish to have more functionality, take a look at apps like MyFitnessPal which are powerful step counters but also offer comprehensive features for calorie counting and fitness tracking. Other popular pedometer apps like Runkeeper and Runtastic too track your walks and runs while offering more elaborate workout tracking, goal management et al.

Smart Band
Of class lesson, numerous people at the moment buy fitness trackers and smartwatches to track their walks and runs, and other workouts.

You’ll opt for the value-for-money Mi Band 4 by Xiaomi, or spend a little more to seize some nice smartwatches from Amazfit, like the Amazfit Verge Lite or Amazfit GTR. If you wish to splurge, you’ll buy one of the best options from Fitbit or Apple Watch.

First Published:
Oct 04, 2019 20:13 IST

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