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ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Much happening on the professional front is likely to retain you occupied this week. A superior is likely to be pleased with your performance. Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to find a good mentor. A good time recalling old memories is likely to prove therapeutic. Cards advise you to budget your expenses but also promise an increase in earnings in the second one half of the week. Those searching for a rental property are likely to settle with something of their choice.

Love: Lovers

Temper: Seven of Wands

Career: Ace of Swords

Fortunate No.: 7

Fortunate Colour: Golden

TAURUS (April 21 – May21)

The Emperor makes you work in near coordination with the higher ups at the work place. This is the time to set up the rapport with them and enjoy the advantages in the end. The combination of Two of Cups and Ten of Cups promises a happy surroundings overall. The circle of relatives will be supportive and your lover will have a “Yes” temper for everything as mannered. Could you ask for more? Cards indicate a good time to shop for or sell a property. Students are likely to overshadow their competitors on the academic front.

Love: Ten of Cups

Temper: Two of Cups

Career: The Emperor

Fortunate No.: 3

Fortunate Colour: Purple

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

The cards are in charge of your emotional life. This is going to be a great week for assembly new people or reinforcing the relationship you have already got. Occurrence of the Idiot card indicates the new beginnings that you’ve been thinking off late. It’s time to get going now. Bring your ideas to execution as you are likely to draw fame sooner than you might imagine of. Your desire for a good health would motivate you to work out frequently. Keep away from putting your hands in a property deal without the total clarity.

Love: The Emperor

Temper: Three of Coins

Career: Idiot

Fortunate No.: 7

Fortunate Colour: Chocolate

CANCER (June22 – July 22)

Ace of Swords displays victory at the professional front. Be it a better role designation or money – whatever you had been in search of is likely to come to you now. Passing high standards set by someone on the academic front is likely to pump in enormous motivation. The home front seems to be serene. Health problems start fading off slowly and regularly. The Conjuror is likely to sprinkle some freshness on the love front. The week is exceptionally good on the trip and property front too.

Love: Conjuror

Temper: Three of Cups

Career: Ace of Swords

Fortunate No.: 6

Fortunate Colour: Grey

LEO (July 23 – August 23)

You’ll be required to take some hard decisions at work but the good part is your approach is likely to meet success. Redoing the house is also on your brain. Extra perks are likely to come in as a pleasant surprise for many who have been waiting for it. Your strong will power may make you try a new and interesting workout schedule. Lover is likely to acknowledge your efforts to retain up the momentum of your relationship. An ancestral property may come in your name.

Love: The High Priestess

Temper: Hermit

Career: Knight of Swords

Fortunate No.: 15

Fortunate Colour: Light Grey

VIRGO (August 24- September 23)

The Sun promises a bright and happy love life this week. Combining with the energies of Four of Coins, it wants you to administer your savings mannered and keep away from overstepping the budget. At work, weigh your words properly before you speak or you may offend some one. Also, keep away from retain anything pending on the work front. A circle of relatives youngster may need your time and attention; so, remain to be had. Those wanting to shed weight are likely to find a good mentor for guidance on health front.

Love: The Sun

Temper: Four of Coins

Career: Ten of Wands

Fortunate No.: 22

Fortunate Colour: Dark Turquoise

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

Your initiatives in the work arena are likely to be applauded by the seniors. A class lesson completed mannered in time will provide you with huge sense of satisfaction. Some of you are likely to be invited for a prestigious event. Investment in property is likely to yield good profits. Cards advise you to stay disciplined with your digestive system. You gain confidence to share your secret love life with your circle of relatives and the cards promise celebrations as mannered.

Love: Ten of Cups

Temper: Two of Wands

Career: Knight of Coins

Fortunate No.: 18

Fortunate Colour: Peach

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

A long journey must better be postponed to a few other week. Keep away from being lured by someone to spend on things that you don’t require. Assembly too many of us on the social front will not be in your brain. Your words of wisdom can make someone excel in their life. The festive spirit is likely to retain you occupied bringing fun and gaiety at home. A difference of opinion with someone on the professional front may upset your peace of brain in the latter a part of the week.

Love: Queen of Swords

Temper: Knight of Wands

Career: Seven of Cups

Fortunate No.: 7

Fortunate Colour: Orange

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 23)

A lazy approach on the work front must be immediately kicked out. Homemakers is also engaged giving their home a new makeover. Someone’s suggestion is likely to benefit you from making an error on the finance front. Staying incommunicado on the love front is going to lead you nowhere. Talk it out and lighten your heart. Go back and forth stars shine bright and are likely to make you go for a relaxing getaway. Students wish to put in more tough work to stay ahead of others.

Love: The Chariot

Temper: Justice

Career: Five of Coins

Fortunate No: 4

Fortunate Colour: Turquoise

CAPRICORN (December24 – January 20)

You may feel comfortable in your own shell but those around you may wish to pull you out of it and turn out to be a bit more social. It is a good week to do away with the hassles in executing a plan on the trade front. Compromise on the work front would be required. Freshers are likely to gel mannered with the new surroundings and the scope of work. Diligently following the health routine is going to have a positive outcome. The cupid arrow strikes those searching for love.

Love: The Idiot

Temper: Four of Cups

Career: The Hanged Man

Fortunate No: 2

Fortunate Colour: Light Pink

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

This is the week which will make you smile. Money flows in from unforeseen sources making the financial front stronger. An outing with the circle of relatives is much indicated. Work wise, things are very much in your favour. Some of you are likely to hear of promotion or transfer to the location of your choice. Parents are likely to give a nod to your love relationship. Attracting limelight on the social front is much indicated. Health front seems to be steady.

Love: The Star

Temper: Two of Cups

Career: The Moon

Fortunate No.: 9

Fortunate Colour: Magenta

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

You are likely to hit the jackpot this week as cards promise monetary gains. Your professional competence is likely to bag you some great offers. Lover’s hospitality is likely to win your heart. A small guidance on the health front is likely that will help you build a better stamina. An achievement is oriented for those in the field of sports or education. Homemakers are likely to draw compliment. Whether trip is on your brain; plan it in the second one half of the week.

Love: Three of Cups

Temper: The Wheel of Fortune

Career: Ace of Coins

Fortunate No.: 1

Fortunate Colour: Rust

(Ma Prem Ritambhara has been reading Tarot cards professionally in Mumbai, Pune, Zurich and New Delhi, for the final 15 years and continues to take action from her studio at home in New Delhi. Her clientele is from all over the place the world, from all walks of life, and she reads cards, predicts, counsels and heals professionals, trade people, men, women, children, students and couples. She conducts individual in addition to group readings. Contact her at ritambhara7@gmail.com.)

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