What everybody ought to realize approximately running a commerce, astrologically: Dr.Vinay Bajrangi


Can everyone run a commerce? Is doing commerce that easy? The idea to begin a commerce lures many and somewhat a couple of fall in the trap of starting a commerce for steep gains.

But statistics show that 50% of businesses wind up in their first year of their operation and 80% of the rest wind up in the subsequent years. Which means only 10% of the lot continue to function and that too not necessarily with profit.

Astrologically, there must be commerce yoga in the horoscope of a local who wishes to begin a commerce. Particular planetary configurations make a commerce yoga, which may probably be tough for the commoners to understand, but it’s not that tough to understand what this yoga will confer on to the local. This commerce yoga, whether present in the horoscope, will lead to the following traits in the local:




•Self-starter attitude




•Good communication skills



•The ability to pitch up the commerce

The more the above mentioned properties, the stronger is the yoga. The next talking point is the dhan yoga. The presence of this yoga in the horoscope signifies that the local will accumulate wealth from his commerce pursuits.

The employee or the employer yoga:

To sum up things astrologically, a person who wishes to begin his commerce is examined of the employee or the employer yoga in his horoscope, and in conjunction with it, his horoscope is evaluated for the strength of his lagna and the degree of dhan yoga.

The partner issue:

The next question which must be addressed is to see if or not the local can run the show with a partner. Starting a commerce with a partner generally is a very nice idea, but whether the horoscope does not make stronger a partner, then this partnership could be the most remarkable pitfall a local would have. The partnership issue isn’t that simple; it must be addressed through quite a lot of charts like D-1, D-9, D-10 & D-12, which are seen in tandem, and the following things turn into crystal-clear:

•If the local can get a reliable partner or not

•Who has the common vision and goals as the local

•Who is passionate approximately the work

•Who can solve problems

•If or not the partner is a self-assured team player

•Who has the will to implement and concurrently remain aware of the commerce available in the market

•The partner will have to have integrity and be accommodating.

Now, whether the horoscope is found to be short of these abilities, it is better to begin the commerce without a partner. Many times it so happens that the local himself isn’t on top of things or he cheats on his partner. So, it is vital to check the strength of the 7th house in different divisional charts and recommend methods in order that the local overcomes his shortcomings.

Types of businesses:

The chart holds many secrets, and the most important one is the kind of commerce that the local can run successfully. An in-depth reading gives a clue to these most elusive traits. The types of businesses are

•Service commerce: A service commerce is really useful to the local when putting in money into the commerce could ruin the company and its prospects. The types of service businesses include advisory jobs, commission agents, accounting firms, repair shops, salons, law firms, etc.

•Merchandising commerce: These businesses will also be done by natives whose horoscopes have a clear-cut indication of buy-and-sell kind of businesses. These businesses make a profit after selling their items at higher rates than the purchase prices.

•Manufacturing commerce: A manufacturing commerce requires massive investments. There’s a prominent yoga for this commerce in a horoscope.

After the kind of commerce is determined, the chart D-60 is further studied for the type of commerce the local will have to be doing. The planet which has the most remarkable influence on the 10th house and its lord is seen. Whether the significations of planets are evaluated as it should be, then the type of commerce the local will have to undertake would no longer be a riddle. As an example, a suitable influence of Ketu on the 10th house indicates success in agriculture commerce, alcohol commerce, etc. In a similar way, the influence of moon suggests commerce in pharmaceuticals, tube wells, glass and reflect, etc. Likewise, Mercury indicates that a business involving some research work, art and culture, doctor, accountancy, etc., will give good results.

The next big question is when to begin:

The largest of the commerce yoga can collapse whether it’s not started at the correct time. Which means whether the dasha or the gochar is negative, then the commerce yoga would not show good colours. So, it is all the time helpful to begin the work at a time suggested in the horoscope. It is still better to wait than to perish.

Managing debts:

Nearly all businesses rely on loan, and the amount of credit which is allowed for a local may depend upon his financial capabilities. But it must be seen through the horoscope as timely, as many excellent commerce yogas crumble under a load of loans. So, before any credit is taken from anywhere, it is vital to see what amount would not shake the foundation of the commerce in question. I have seen many businesses closed as a result of non-payment of loans or companies going insolvent.

These are some things which, whether taken care of, the local will surely save himself/herself from complications in commerce.

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, a very well-experienced astrological scholar, is there to assess such properties in a local. Visit his website www.vinaybajrangi.com or call at 9278665588 or at 9278555588 for total guidance on this subject.

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