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Wonder Woman 1984 has a bonus scene throughout the credits, in what marks a departure from the original Wonder Woman released in 2017. While post-credits scenes typically exist to establish a franchise’s future (or just as one last additional gag), Wonder Woman 1984 seems to take a different approach. It pays a tribute to the past and honours the legacy of the DC Comics character. It’s something that director Patty Jenkins wanted to do in the first movie too, but it didn’t work out as deliberate. And that’s the reason why Jenkins found a way to include it in Wonder Woman 1984.

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Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 1984 mid-credits scene

A woman clad in blue and with long flowing hair is walking through a market reasonable when a wire snaps in two, causing the free-standing pole it used to be attached to, to fall. But the woman in blue stretches out her correct arm — she’s got a bracelet like Wonder Woman — and easily catches the falling pole to the astonishment of everyone around her. And she then carries on down the road, like what she did used to be nothing special.

The mother of a baby girl, who were both in the way of the falling pole, runs to her and says: “Excuse me, please, it’s important to let me thank you, Overlook…” The woman in blue turns around and introduces herself as Asteria (Lynda Carter). The unnamed mother wonders how she managed that, and Asteria explains to the thankful mother that “it used to be just a simple shift of weight. It takes practice, but I’ve been doing this a very long time.” (Her words are a call-back to Diana’s from earlier in the movie.) She smiles, winks, turns around, and walks absent.

Asteria is the name of the legendary warrior in whose honour the Amazon Games, Wonder Woman 1984’s opening sequence, are held. As Diana (Gal Gadot) explains deep into the movie, Asteria used to be the person who held off men as the enslaved Amazons escaped to Themyscira. She wore a golden armour — that Diana herself puts on later to fight off Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) — that used to be made by pieces of armour contributed by all of the other Amazons.

Diana ends that backstory lesson by saying that Asteria sacrificed herself, but as the Wonder Woman 1984 post-credits scene reveals, that’s clearly not how it went down. Asteria is clearly alive and mannered, though it’s unclear why she gave up her armour. Diana paper money that she searched for Asteria but only found her armour. Perhaps Asteria doesn’t wish to be found, or possibly their paths just haven’t crossed. It’s conceivable that we’d see that happen in Wonder Woman 3.

At the same time, that seems unlikely. Carter’s presence as Asteria is more of an Easter egg, with Jenkins paying a tribute to the woman she admires. Carter played Wonder Woman in the eponymous TV series, which ran from 1975–1979 in the USA. All of the episodes of the series were recently released on HBO Max ahead of Wonder Woman 1984’s premiere on the streaming service. Jenkins has all the time spoken highly of Carter, and she’s wanted to include her in her movie series from the start.

With the post-credits scene, Jenkins manages to do precisely that. She’s holding a candle to the woman who inspired her to take on Wonder Woman in the first place. And naturally, must Jenkins wish to include Asteria in the plot of Wonder Woman 3 (or the Amazon spin-off she’s spoken approximately), she now has a face with a legacy.

Wonder Woman 1984 is out in cinemas across India and the world. It is usually to be had on HBO Max in the USA for a month.


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